Featured Endorsements

"Mr. Salkin is a leader in everything he does. His ability to bring volunteers together to tackle problems as a team is inspirational. I have worked with Rob on countless local efforts, several National Committees and Special Interest Groups. His ability to connect and understand the needs of members of all interests will serve the organization well. American Mensa will feed off the vibrant energy he brings when Rob is elected Chair, and I proudly support him in his efforts."
Andrew Heffernan
Regional Vice Chair for Region 1
Former LocSec, Mensa of Northeastern New York

"The prospect of American Mensa under the chairmanship of Rob Salkin is one that gives me a renewed excitement for our organization...one full of such promise, but with so many untapped resources. I have no doubt that with Rob at the helm, American Mensa will be injected with a vibrancy unseen in my decade as a member. I look forward to being a member of an American Mensa that has greater public visibility, name recognition, and membership numbers -- with even more people clamoring to join."
Claire Natola
Co-Chair, 2014 Annual Gathering in Boston
Vermont Mensa

"A natural leader, Rob Salkin possesses the conscientiousness, consistency, and charisma required not only to energize the existing American Mensa population but also to engage our next generation. In addition to playing active roles in myriad established Mensa events, Rob embraces social media and mobile culture in order to make member interaction a 24/7 possibility for those who so desire. As Chairman, and fueled by his strong commitment to member services, Rob would deliver his dynamic vision and strategic plan in order to help us build an 'American Mensa experience' of which we all can be truly proud."
Nguyen 'Win' Pham
Mr. Mensa 2011
San Francisco Regional Mensa

"I am constantly impressed by Rob's clear thinking, and his ability to engage and connect with...well, everyone. Rob's vision for the future of American Mensa is exciting, and he has the direction and focus to ensure that progress will be made without wasting time on nonsense. I can't think of a better candidate for Chairman of American Mensa."
Elizabeth Penn
Recording Secretary, Greater New York Mensa

[In full disclosure, this endorsement is from my sister. She joined after I encouraged her to do so. I got very involved right after joining and Liz did the same. I guess it runs in the family!]

"Rob has been one of the most outstanding members, upstanding contributors, and impactful personalities on the formation of GenY as an entity. The commitment and drive he has shown in enhancing member involvement and retention, as well as communal goodwill, have set him apart as one of the most trusted and reliable people I know. Rob has my absolute support and confidence in serving as Chairman of American Mensa."
Robert Allen
National GenY Coordinator
Space Coast Area Mensa

"My buddy and I met Rob at an Annual Gathering. His open and friendly demeanor made us feel very comfortable in an unfamiliar setting, and he really took us under his wing for the rest of the AG. Rob introduced us to dozens of other young Mensans and helped us discover some great SIGs, including GenX, GenY, and Hell’s Ms. I have witnessed Rob unofficially helping other new Mensans in a similar manner and also officially volunteering his time in order to help other people enjoy the annual gatherings more. His charisma, welcoming nature, and sense of humor make him the perfect person to bring people together! Thank you, Rob!"
Nicole Welk
Oregon Mensa

"I met Rob shortly after he joined Mensa. At that time I was impressed by his enthusiasm and excitement about what Mensa had added to his life. I have felt the same way myself as I have made many friends through Mensa and even met my husband at an RG. I have gone to many events that Rob has orchestrated including a MoNNY tavern night with attendees ranging in age from a teenager to those in their 70's (maybe older) and felt as if I had walked into a family party. I have twice attended the RG created by Rob, RechaRGe, and spent time conversing and playing games with those of all ages. Rob works hard to help everyone get the most from Mensa. I have discussed with Rob many of the changes he would like to see, especially our use of technology, and while he is looking for improvement, he doesn't want to eliminate programs that work and benefit members. I can think of no one who would be better as the spokesperson and public face of Mensa and to attract new, young, enthusiastic members. Rob does and will continue to not only attract new members but to encourage existing members to increase their participation. Rob's energy has had a positive impact on his local group and our Region, and I look forward to that impact on a national level."
Lori Norris
Former Regional Vice Chair for Region 1
Rhode Island Mensa

"American Mensa is stagnating. Why is that? It is primarily because the changing landscape has passed it by. Society has witnessed a paradigm shift. Mensa has not adapted and we know the fate of those who cannot. Rob Salkin, with graduate degrees in business, law and computer science, experience as an AMC member, LocSec of Mensa of Northeast New York, founder of the RechaRGe Regional Gathering and particularly social network and tech-savvy, can enthusiastically lead Mensa through this difficult transition. His long-range plans include growing Mensa by taking advantage of all available means of high-tech communications linking to membership otherwise discouraged by Mensa’s antiquated practices. It was primarily due to Rob Salkin that our local group's membership exploded into youthful exuberance in a matter of a couple of years – a stunning reversal for an aging group. It is time for American Mensa to experience the same and Rob Salkin can make it happen."
Dr. Harry Ringermacher
Co-Chair, 2006 Mensa Foundation Colloquium
Chair, Copper Black Award Committee
Mensa Copper Black Award Recipient, 2004 and 2007
Mensa of Northeastern New York

"Rob Salkin is a charismatic leader. In Mensa, Rob has already shown that he is willing to move forward to create new and highly successful Mensa events. Rob has proven that he can creatively bring changes in policies and practices that achieve new results, without losing the support and confidence of those who had interests in the way things were before. At the national level, Rob has served as Membership Chair, which is a voting position in the American Mensa Committee, and has demonstrated his ability to quickly become effectively involved with the other members to identify opportunities for enhancement, and a willingness to lead in efforts to bring those opportunities to fruition, while understanding the need to continue operations that contribute to fulfilling the aims and goals of American Mensa. At the Regional level, Rob created a highly successful and fun-filled Regional Gathering. Also, he is serving as an Assistant Regional Vice-Chair. At the local level, Rob introduced new energy, wider and more enthusiastic participation by members, an increased variety of events, operations improvements, and a general review of activities in order to assure that the Mensa Group was providing the most beneficial value-of-membership to its members. I heartily endorse Rob Salkin to be Chair of American Mensa. Rob has the capacity and ability to bring an inclusive, energetic, creative and enthusiastic leadership to the position. "
Leo Kellogg
Former LocSec & Historian, Mensa of Northeastern New York

"I would be delighted for Rob Salkin to be our next Chair. Rob is so creative and enthusiastic that he would bring a wonderful spark of energy to the organization. Mensa has been a very powerful influence in my life and I want for the excitement he has brought to MoNNY and all the other groups with which he has been involved to be brought to the national level."
Blakeney Bartlett
Former LocSec, Vermont Mensa
Mensa Alaska

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